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Fresh Air & Ventilation For Safe, Healthy Living

With the easing of lockdown and relaxing of many of the strict Covid 19 rules, most people are gradually emerging into the light once more. The vaccine is a bit of a game changer to say the least, and millions have had their first and many their second dose. It's such a relief to be able to see our loved ones as we used to, and as the nicer weather approaches there will be exciting times ahead. We still however need to proceed with a modicum of caution to ensure the safety of all. This is because the virus can still be contracted and passed on to others. The government has stressed the need to use our common sense, unless we want to see yet another lockdown.

Face masks may not be going away any time soon, and social distancing measures are likely to still be required. It's a good idea to spend leisure time outdoors wherever possible. We are advised not to focus on what we are allowed to do, but on what the sensible thing to do is.

Changing The Way We Live

Verandas Outdoor Buildings Glazed Canopies Smoking Shelters Sunrooms Fresh Air Ventilation

Although being able to meet friends and family outdoors is a huge step forward, there is one obvious challenge. This is the UK weather, which is totally unpredictable and can go from a cloudless sky one minute to a heavy shower the next. Larger groups won;t be allowed to simply move the party indoors when the rain comes. It'll be no fun deciding who gets to go home and miss out. Fresh air and adequate ventilation will remain important where for instance a plumber or electrician has to enter the home. In this case, masks should be worn and windows and perhaps doors should be opened.

Those in the know, such as medical experts, have been saying for a long time that awareness of the need for fresh air in relation to the virus is lacking. When outdoors, the particles of the virus will quickly disperse, limiting their ability to infect. Research carried out in a Korean restaurant proved how easily the virus can be passed on indoors. Two diners were infected by a third who had the virus, it happened after only a few minutes spent in the same room.

Verandas, Glazed Canopies, Smoking Shelters & Outdoor Buildings

Gugs Conservatories, have had many enquiries about the installation of their verandas, and similar kinds of outdoor buildings. Domestic and commercial customers have had to reassess how they carry out day to day activities. Safety is the most important aspect of everything we do these days, and the changes are likely to be permanent. Werther it's customers, friends or family members, all can enjoy the benefits of verandas, glazed canopies and smoking shelters. They offer a completely bespoke solution, designed to meet your needs and can even be fitted with heating and lighting.

These additions have always been popular and are known to add value to the home, they also allow people to spend more time in their gardens.

Outdoor Shelters For Domestic & Commercial Buildings

Gugs Conservatories like to work closely with our customers to get a good idea of their needs. We have the skills and craftsmanship to ensure outstanding designs and highly functional glazed buildings. UK high streets are being transformed, and lately have a distinct continental edge. People are socialising and having fun at outdoor tables, while basking in the atmosphere. Meanwhile, new customers are being drawn in as they pass the restaurants, caf├ęs and bars.

To ensure a successful afternoon or evenings entertainment, verandas and numerous other types of covers are appearing. Well built structures are of course more impressive than the flimsy, temporary solutions. Why not chat to our friendly team, about what we offer, and how we can help.

Our trade partners for Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire are Trade Window Services Ltd. Please visit

Verandas, Fresh Air & Ventilation For Safe, Healthy Living, Changing The Way We Live. Verandas, Glazed Canopies, Smoking Shelters & Outdoor Buildings, Outdoor Shelters For Domestic & Commercial Buildings



PVC-u Conservatories, Windows, Doors, Patio Doors & French Doors

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