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Double Glazing – Natural Window Ventilation

The quality of the air in a building is an important consideration for a number of reasons. The optimum water balance is vital in order to avoid musty smells, moisture, moulding and allergies. Modern building the highly effective double glazing systems minimise heat loss through the double glazed windows and doors. However, a certain level of cold air ingress into a room is still required for several reasons. The fabric of the building is at risk without some level of fresh air movement through the double glazed window system. The occupants’ health is also affected by the consequences of a lack of ventilation.

Double Glazed Windows – Trickle Vents

For the reasons stated above, most modern double glazed window systems will have a trickle vent built into the double glazed frame. This will enable a light trickle of cold, fresh air to enter the room via the double glazing. Most will have a facility for you to control the level of air flow through the trickle vent.

Natural Window Ventilation Systems

Controlled natural ventilation is a healthy option to air conditioning. It is also a more sustainable choice as it requires to uses no energy and has no running or maintenance costs.

Advantages of Natural Window Ventilation:

  • Avoids damage to the fabric of the house or office caused by dampness.
  • Healthy living conditions in the naturally ventilated rooms.
  • Avoids the cost and ecological damage of powered ventilation systems.

Types of Natural Window Ventilation

In basic terms, there are three types of natural window ventilation:-

Single Sided Window Ventilation

Designed for rooms with windows on one side only. Cold and warm air move through the same window. This form of window ventilation is very common.

Single Sided Double Opening Window Ventilation

Uses the single sided concept but is more efficient as the air passes through a double opening in the window.


With cross-ventilation windows will open on both sides of the room. The difference in the air pressure between the two sides encourages air movement through the vents in the windows.

Sound Absorbing Ventilation

The ventilation used in a home affects the soundproofing of external walls. There are a number of suppliers of such sound absorbing ventilation products.

Double Glazing Natural Ventilation Trickle Vents sound Absorbing Ventilation

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