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Double Glazed Aluminium Windows, Doors & Conservatories

For cost comparison, aluminium frames cost around twice as much as PVCu.
Aluminium double glazing is frequently used in commercial double glazing applications such as shop fronts, curtain walling, entrance doors and foyers and in double glazed windows for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, health centres, offices and retail units.

Aluminium is not as effective as a heat insulator as PVCu and it is more expensive. Frames in aluminium are usually less bulky than PVCu and structurally stronger.

Aluminium in Domestic Double Glazing

AluminiumFor houses with a strong traditional appearance, the less ‘chunky’ appearance of aluminium is sometimes preferred to PVCu. It is also frequently used where planning authorities prefer aluminium to PVCu in conservation areas, or in the refurbishment of listed buildings.

Aluminium comes into its own where structural strength is a priority. Hence the popularity of aluminium for double glazed curtain walling and shop fronts.

Conservatory Roofs, Sliding Folding Doors & PVCu Support

Because of its strength, aluminium is a popular choice for the roof structure of conservatories. It is also used to add strength to PVCu frames. Sliding folding doors have been used for hotels bars and restaurants for some time. They are also now increasingly popular for domestic double glazing. They are used for domestic swimming pools or to open up a complete wall, creating a large access space to garden areas.

Aluminium Coatings & Colours

Aluminium double glazing frames are usually coated in string durable finishes. The main options for finishing aluminium are:-

  • Anodising, in a range of colours.
  • Stoved polyester powdercoat paint, available in a wide range of RAL colours.

Environmental Sustainability – Aluminium / Timber Composite Double Glazing Frames

The inherent strength of aluminium as a double glazing profile material has lead to its use in combination with timber as a composite framing material choice. The durable aluminium is used as a facing material over untreated timber, producing an environmentally improved glazing frame solution. For further details on the aluminium / timber composite frame material please see Sustainability

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Double Glazed Aluminium Windows, Doors & Conservatories

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