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Double Glazed PVCu Windows, Conservatories & Doors

PVCu has very good thermal and noise insulation properties. It is also relatively maintenance free, which has been one of the major reasons for the huge growth of PVCu profile used in double glazed windows, doors and conservatories in the last thirty years.

Any Colour – So Long As Its White

PVCu WindowsPVCu is polymer based and the profiles are produced by a process known as extrusion. This process enables large volumes of frames to be produced at relatively low cost. The cost is further minimised if the number of colours used is restricted. Henry Ford declared that you could have "A Ford car in any colour you like - so long as it’s black". This was to enable him to minimise cost, by minimising variation in his mass production process. The same applies to PVCu frame production. White is the predominant colour, because it is the lowest cost.

Developments In PVCu Technology

In recent years, the technology of PVCu profile design and production has enhanced the appeal of PVCu for windows, doors and conservatories:-

  • Stabilization of the polymers used has greatly increased resistance to ultra violet attack, considerably reducing discolouration of doors, windows and conservatory profiles.
  • Steel or aluminium strengthening bars can be fitted into the frames, making them far more resistant to intruders.
  • Structural design improvements now enable producers to produce slimmer frame, making them less chunky in appearance and therefore more aesthetically pleasing. The manufacturers brand these as sculptured profiles.

Coloured PVCu Frames

Coloured frames for PVCu windows, doors and conservatories are now available using a range of technologies including spraying and coloured foils. Visit Coloured Frames for details.

PVC Recycling

In common with all applications of plastic materials, the recycling and minimisation of the environmental impact of PVC in double glazing frames is being strongly promoted at all levels – from the EU to local authorities. For more details on the issues and initiatives regarding the recycling of PVC, metal and glass used in double glazing profiles, please read PVC Recycling.


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Double Glazed PVCu Windows, Conservatories & Doors

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