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Secondary Double Glazing – An Economic / Environmental Option

Double Glazing – Natural Window Ventilation
Benefits of Secondary Double Glazing

Insulation Efficiency

Secondary double glazing offers a significant improvement in the thermal efficiency of windows and doors. Draughts and cold spots in a room can be eliminated, making it more comfortable and helping to reduce heating costs of offices public and other buildings.

Reduced UV Radiation

The harmful effects of UV radiation can also be reduced whilst letting in solar heat. Specialist films can be added to the glass to improve thermal insulation even further and also add to the security of the premises.

External Noise Reduction

Secondary double glazing reduces the effects of external noise. This can improve the working environment in built up locations such as town centre offices and buildings of all kinds located near airports.

Practical, Attractive Designs

Secondary glazing units use slim, strong, discreet aluminium frames with a tough, durable, polyester paint finish.

Range of Window Styles

Window styles include Lift Outs, Hinged Units, Vertical Sliders and Horizontal Sliders.

Secondary Double Glazing – Glass Types

Secondary glazing is available in numerous glass types, including clear, patterned, toughened, laminated and acoustic. For enhanced thermal efficiency, Pilkington 'K' low e glass can also be fitted.

Secondary Double Glazing – Applications

  • Build up areas where traffic noise is intrusive. Hence the popularity for secondary glazing in offices and public buildings.
  • Properties close to airports where the aircraft noise presents a problem. For extreme circumstances heavy duty systems are available which can incorporate a double glazed unit as opposed to a single pane of glass. 
  • Listed buildings and properties within conservation areas. Modification of the existing external windows is often not allowed and so secondary glazing is a very practical option. The original features of many buildings are retained during conversion from offices, hotels and warehouses to inner city flats and apartments, by using secondary glazing.
  • Homes or offices where added insulation is required but the cost of double glazing installation is prohibitive.

Secondary double glazing is a popular choice for the refurbishment of a wide range of properties – grade one and two listed buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hotels, hospitals, churches, offices and houses.

Granada Secondary Double Glazing Ltd manufacture secondary double glazing (
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Secondary Double Glazing – Low Cost & Practical Insulation. Stop Draughts, Reduce Noise, Save Home Heating Costs & CO2 Emissions. Listed Building & Conservation Areas.


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