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Secondary Double Glazing – An Economic / Environmental Option

Secondary Double Glazing – An Economic / Environmental Option

Awareness of the need to conserve energy has never been greater. From a conservation angle, the government is very active in promoting the necessity to reduced fuel consumption and emphasises specifically the importance of insulation to retain heat within our homes.

Reduce Heating Bills & CO2 Emissions With Secondary Double Glazing

Reduce Heating Bills & CO2 Emissions With Secondary Double Glazing

20% of heat is lost through the windows of our homes. Installation of double glazing can reduce this considerably, saving £90 in fuel bills and 740kg of CO2 per year for the typical home. Where the installation of double glazing is not possible, secondary double glazing is a very practical option. It is relatively low cost (typically £1,000 - £2,000) and has good performance stats; saving £65 in heating costs and 500kg (half a tonne) of CO2 per year for the typical home.

Secondary Double Glazing - Conservation Areas & Listed Buildings

Double glazing is a very popular and practical choice. However, it is not practical in all cases, the decorative windows of many older churches is a good example. In conservation areas, the effect on a building’s appearance can cause problems and secondary glazing is frequently selected as an alternative to double glazing for listed buildings. In other cases simple economics is the issue. Installing double glazing throughout a hospital, school or office block can be excessively expensive and the owners of many older houses simple cannot afford a full glazing rip out and re-installation.

UPVC & Hardwood - Slim & Unobtrusive

Secondary double glazing involves adding an extra slimline window pane to your existing window. Secondary glazing frames are usually made from aluminium, in combination with a hardwood sub frame, achieving a slimmer, less obtrusive effect than UPVC would allow. The system is almost maintenance free and is available in a wide range of colours to blend in with the features of your home or business premises.

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Secondary Double Glazing – Low Cost & Practical Insulation. Stop Draughts, Reduce Noise, Save Home Heating Costs & CO2 Emissions. Listed Building & Conservation Areas.


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