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Conservatory Furniture – Choose Style & Sustainability

Conservatory Furniture – Choose Style & Sustainability
The selection of your conservatory furniture can help you to make two statements. You can select beautiful, individualistic furniture, the production of which is contributing to the sustainability of the South East Asian rain forests.

Conservatory Furniture - Materials

Selection of the correct material for your conservatory furniture is critically important.  Your conservatory will experience high levels of intense sunshine (yes, even in the UK!). It will also experience relatively high levels of humidity. So, you will need to select conservatory furniture which is resilient to these conditions. This is why cane and Rattan wicker are such popular choices for conservatory furniture.
UV damage from the sun’s rays is another consideration when selecting furniture for your conservatory. The UV will tend to fade the designs, quick than you may imagine. It is best to select fabric designs that will fade less noticeably in your conservatory. Light pastel shades are probably the best in the respect.

Conservatory Blinds & Air Conditioning

You should also consider conservatory window blinds to avoid excessive heat and UV ingress. Conservatory air conditioning should also be considered to maintain a pleasant temperature and also to control the humidity in your conservatory.
Cane is a natural product, produced in the South East Asian rain forests. Shade variations and finish may differ from piece to piece. This characteristic is an endearing quality of cane and Rattan conservatory furniture, individualising each piece.

Conservatory Furniture – Choose Style & Sustainability

Rattan Conservatory Furniture – Economically & Environmentally Friendly

In the rainforests of South East Asia where Rattan is produced, it plays a huge part in the local economy and ecology. Timber in this region was often logged prematurely, with grave effects on the ecology of the region. Now the business emphasis is switching from logging timber to harvesting Rattan. In comparison to most tropical wood, Rattan is much faster growing, far easier to harvest and also much easier to transport.
Rattan is far more ecologically favourable than timber. Harvesting is done by hand, which not only provides much needed employment but is much greener that the use of heavy machinery. Industrial scale logging is ruining many forest areas, denuding the soil and creating wasteland. Rattan production helps maintain the ecological balance of the areas in which it is grown. So selecting Rattan for your conservatory can give you individualistic style, whilst contributing to the regeneration of the rain forests.

Abaca Conservatory Furniture

Abaca is made from plaited banana tree layer. The layer is cut from the tree and allowed to dry into the sun. It is then twisted into shape. Because of the twisting process, conservatory furniture made from abaca are is stronger. The colour of natural abaca conservatory furniture is also beautiful, requiring no finishing process, which contributes further to its ecological credentials.

Conservatory Furniture Production – Wicker Process

Wicker is a weaving process it is not a material. One of the materials that is commonly used in the wicker weaving process is called Rattan core. Rattan core comes from the rattan interior. A machine is used to cut the inside of the rattan pole into pieces thin enough for the hand weaving process.
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