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Conservatory Blinds

Conservatory blinds are an important solution for insulating any conservatory. As well as keeping the heat in throughout the winter, during the summer conservatory blinds help to reduce the glare from the sunlight and prevent the build up of heat, maintaining a more comfortable temperature for you and your family. In addition to insulating the conservatory, blinds offer a pleasant aesthetic finish and allow for evenings where you can enjoy the additional privacy afforded by the blinds.

Conservatory Blinds - Options

There are many different options to be considered when it comes to choosing the window dressing for your conservatory.


Conservatory Blinds – Vertical & Venetian

Vertical and Venetian blinds allow you to control the light on wide glazing sections of your conservatory. Traditionally, many Venetian blinds were only available in aluminium, however many blinds are now wood, which helps those who want to keep the conservatory window dressing in character with the rest of the property. The drawbacks of vertical blinds are their tendency to attract dust and grime, especially when the windows are opened to provide ventilation.



Roller Conservatory Blinds

Roller conservatory blinds are very similar to vertical blinds and offer shade at low cost. Although the amount of light control with roller conservatory blinds is inferior to that associated with vertical conservatory blinds, they can still offer your conservatory shade. If you are likely to have your windows open in your conservatory on a windy day, however, you should be aware that roller conservatory blinds tend to billow in the wind even when tied down.


Pleated Conservatory Blinds

Pleated conservatory blinds are becoming an increasingly popular choice, which can in part be attributed to their modern style. Pleated conservatory blinds also allow you to control the light with several levels of transparency, helping you to find the right degree of shade. Pleated conservatory blinds are also becoming a popular choice due to their sheer practicality as they can reflect the majority of the heat that enters your conservatory.


French Pineoleum Conservatory Blinds

French Pineoleum conservatory blinds are a type of Roman blind and have long been a traditional choice for window dressing a conservatories. There are many reasons for this including the fact that they are lightweight and help to characterise and reinforce the style of your conservatory. They also help control the temperature of the conservatory and change the sun`s glare into a more pleasant, softer light to enable you and your family to get more enjoyment out of the time you spend in your conservatory.


Solar R Conservatory Blinds

Solar R conservatory blinds reflect more of the suns` rays using aluminium laminate. This blind’s mirror finish can reflect away over 80% of the sun’s energy from your conservatory. Moreover, using this same effect, heat is reflected and kept in during the winter making your conservatory far more energy efficient in the winter months. Another key reason why many people choose Solar solutions is that they are extremely lightweight and easy to clean.


Automatic Conservatory Blinds

If your budget will extend to it, many blind systems can now be electrically operated, with some offering automated control based upon light levels.


One final important part of choosing blinds is the added privacy they afford. The less people can see, the less risk you run of becoming a victim of burglary. Buildings insurance providers will be able to offer you further advice as to the security measures you can take to minimise premiums in this and other respects.


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Conservatory Blinds – Roller, Vertical, Venetian, French Pineoleum, Pleated, Solar R Conservatory Blinds

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