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The anti-smoking law, banning smoking on public premises has led to serious interest by  pubs, clubs, restaurants, bistros, hotels and offices in providing sheltered area for customers or employees who wish to smoke. Smoking shelters help businesses to accommodate customers’ who wish to smoke, whilst complying fully with the law.
Smoking shelters, glazed canopies and verandas are a growth market due to the indoor smoking ban and the trend toward entertaining and enjoying leisure time outdoors, at home.

Smoking Shelters, Canopies, Verandas & Sunrooms – Design & Materials

Smoking shelters, canopies, verandas and sunrooms offer a comfortable, dry and safe place for people to relax. The smoking shelters from TWS Verandas are also attractive addition to a premise. Style and durability come as standard with TWS smoking shelters and they are happy to advise on the best option for your home or business.  
TWS are a well established and respected supplier of conservatories, orangeries, double glazed windows and doors. They use state of the art manufacturing technology and apply our vast experience of the double glazing and conservatory industry to design and construct the ideal smoking shelters, canopies, verandas and sunrooms.

Smoking Shelters – Designs

There are a variety of different designs and colours available to you when choosing a smoking shelter. Roof types include curved roof, flat roof, canopy/wall mountable. TWS smoking shelters can be free-standing or lean-to, fixed to the wall options. Smoking shelter roof shape configurations include single pitched, dual pitched or curved to your own design.

Curved Roof Smoking Shelters

Curved roof shelters not only look elegant but are ideal in wet weather conditions and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
TWS smoking shelters’ solid frames are made from low maintenance, corrosion free, powder coated aluminium and are available in a wide range of RAL colours.

Traditional and Flat Roofed Smoking Shelters

TWS smoking shelters are glazed in high strength, scratch resistant, UV resistant polycarbonate. They are available in a range of tinted finishes and can be tailor made to suit a specific site requirement. Designed with a greater than 50% open area, in compliance with current regulations, TWS smoking shelters enable swift dispersal of cigarette fumes.

Clear all around visibility is achieved by using high quality transparent polycarbonate. One of the many qualities of this material is its great light transmission and damage resistance. This polycarbonate system is 200 times stronger than the equivalent thickness of standard float glass. This accounts for its popularity with pubs, bars, restaurants, clubs and offices.

Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies and Glass Verandas. Stylish Durable Structures, Installed or Supplied for  DIY Installation

In thi section:

Smoking Shelters ››

Glazed Canopies ››

Glazed Verandas & Sunrooms ››


TWS Verandas – Smoking Shelters, Verandas, Canopies & Sunrooms, Installed or Supplied for DIY



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