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Wood Plastic Composite -  WPC Ecologically Friendly & Maintenance Free

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Wood Plastic Composite

Imagine a product with all of the advantages of wood but none of the disadvantages. A product that can be treated and used in virtually the same way as wood yet is guaranteed not to deteriorate in the same way. With the ever increasing search for sustainable and ecologically friendly solutions Stonestimber is an exciting prospect. Attractive and practical with a multitude of applications long lasting and maintenance free.
Stonestimber WPC is a composite product made from recycled plastic and wood which can be applied by the competent DIY-er. It is ideally suited for use wherever durability, strength and cleanliness are required such as for:

  • Decking & tiles
  • Viewing platforms
  • Roof terraces
  • Verandas
  • Balconies
  • Rails
  • Fencing
  • Benches
  • Tables
  • Pool surrounds
  • Marinas
  • Mobile Home Decks
  • Flower tubs

Many uses exist within the commercial and civic sector in addition to the domestic market.

Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) - Multi-purpose Versatility

This amazing and versatile product has been engineered to not only match the qualities of real wood but to decrease the need for real wood products, making it extremely eco-friendly . WPC comes with a host of great reasons to make it your choice including:-

  • Remarkable similarity to natural wood – Easily sawed, cut, sanded and screwed;
  • Unaffected by UV rays – Ideal for outdoor use will resist discolouring for many years.
  • No maintenance required – No painting or sealing needed
  • Easily cleaned – It has a non absorbent surface, simple to wash and clean.
  • Resistant to weather – Will not rot, crack, split, splinter, twist, warp or shrink;
  • Easily installed – Home assembly using normal DIY tools.

Stonestimber WPC Hard Wearing and Non Slip & Economical

Always pristine and elegant the ground breaking technology involved in the production of this material cleverly combines wood and plastic resulting in a product that adopts the best qualities of both. The workability of wood yet the strength of a polymer any home or establishment would be adorned and enhanced by its fashionable look and its non slip surface make it perfect for use where falls or accidents need to be prevented.
Remaining undamaged by spills, extreme weather conditions, insect infestations, chemicals, rot or mould Stonestimber wood plastic composite is economical as well as ecological.

Wood Plastic Composite - Colours & Finishes for Home & Garden

There are currently a choice of colours and finishes available these being redwood, teak & ebony designed to co ordinate beautifully with any decorating scheme and providing a stunning and expensive looking effect. The slight ability to bend allows for imaginative designs around the home, garden, office or wherever it is used.

WPC Wood & Plastic Composite, Stonestimber Eco-friendly Sustainable Recycled Plastic & Wood. Hard Wearing Maintenance Free Decking, Benches & Rails. Domestic Commercial and Civic Easy Cleaning, Economical & Weather Resistant. Indoor, Outdoor DIY Installation, Home Assembly, Teak Redwood Ebony. Non Slip Durable & Stain Resistant.

In this section:

Wood Plastic Composite



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