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Home Insurance for your newly built Conservatory

Fingers crossed the worst of the winter weather is out of the way and we can all look forward to a pleasant spring, followed by a mild summer. To fully appreciate the English weather you may be thinking of adding a conservatory to your home. Not only will it be a comfortable place to relax but it can also increase the value of your home.

Planning is essential, so here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Set yourself a budget – This is the first stage for any new development. Consider the layout and design, the purchase of the whole unit, DIY materials, contractors, flooring, lighting, furnishing, legal and planning fees, electrical and central heating work. Set the budget and stick to it.
  • What’s it for? – Have a clear view on what you want the conservatory for. Will it be a children’s play area, a dining room or just an extra room to relax in. Have a clear vision of how you want the finished conservatory to look.
  • Measure up – Make sure you take all the necessary measurements. This will not only include the size of the conservatory but also the outside space you will have left once it is finished.
  • Get the professionals in – Depending on the size of your conservatory and what you want to do with it, you may need to get a professional in such as an architect, surveyor, builder or electrician.
  • Planning Permission and Safety Regulation – around 60 per cent of conservatories require planning permission so contact your local council before you do anything. They will also help with the safety aspects of the conservatory.


Is my home insurance affected?

The answer is yes, both during the building work and after completion.

Once all the initial checks have been completed, before you start any building work it is important that you contact your home insurance provider. You will need to inform them of any planned onsite works and ask them whether you need to increase your buildings and contents cover for the duration of the work. Any damage caused to your property during the works may not be covered so this is something you will need to check with your insurer.

Once the work has been completed, you will need to permanently increase your cover due to the added floor space and possible increase in value of your home. Unfortunately this could lead to an increase in your premium. Home and contents insurance does not have to be expensive and with a whole host of providers to choose from it can be easy to miss the best deal. Click here to find the best deal for you.

One last thing…

It is always in your best interest to make sure you, your home and any builders are correctly insured. That last thing you want is a hefty bill due to any damage caused or a break-in that is not properly covered. If you get builders in, make sure they have public liability insurance. This will cover any damage to your home, your neighbour’s homes or the street outside.

Make sure your conservatory has adequate security to prevent any would be burglars. A security light and professionally fitted locks will not only secure your home, but it could also reduce the cost of your home insurance premium.




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