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Glazed verandas and sunrooms enhance your options for entertaining at home and enjoying the alfresco lifestyle. A glazed verandah will extend the time you can enjoy your patio or terrace by giving protection from our great British weather. The glazed veranda can also be heated and lit – giving extra comfort to the veranda protected area.

A glazed veranda or sunroom can have clear side and front extensions to form a glass room, allowing all round visibility and giving maximum weather protection.

Glazed Verandas & Sunrooms – Adding Home Value

TWS Verandas glazed verandas and sunrooms are extremely versatile and adaptable coming in various shapes, sizes and colours staff will help you choose the very best option to match your home and lifestyle.

TWS verandas and sunrooms can be used to provide a sheltered place to sit and enjoy the sunny weather and are a real investment whether you opt for the traditional or contemporary style. They are an impressive home improvement, enabling you to entertain at home and also adding value to your property.

Glazed Verandas & Sunrooms – Quality Materials

For their glass verandas and sunrooms, TWS Verandas use the leading component manufacturers such as Ultraframe. All components are guaranteed, giving you peace of mind while enjoying the alfresco lifestyle.

Verandas & Sunrooms – Installed or Supply for DIY

TWS install verandas and sunrooms across the UK and are pleased to undertake a complete veranda or sunroom installation for any client. TWS will also quote you on a supply only basis if you prefer to have a local tradesman undertake installation.

Glazed Verandas Sunrooms Enjoy Alfresco Lifestyle. Ultraframe, Extensions Glass Room, Extension. Bi-Fold Doors, Patio, Terrace. Verandahs Installed or Supply Only for DIY or Local Tradesmen to Install.

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Swiss Chalet Style Conservatory. Solid Roof & Velux Roof Lites. Multifold, Bi-fold & French Door Options. Building Regs Compliant. Overhanging Roof for Alfresco Living Weather Protection

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