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Glazed canopies offer cover and protection against the elements. For shops they enable people to browse the shop windows, irrespective of weather conditions. At home, they serve as a sheltered area outside the home, enabling you to enjoy of the new passion for outdoor living.

Smart canopy structures are an enhancement to a property and expert canopy design can transform the area between indoor and outdoor to great effect. For a weather protected area outside your home, where you can outside in warm weather to enjoy a seated barbecue, even if rain appears, a glazed canopy is the ideal solution. Heating and lighting can be added too the canopied area for further comfort.

Glazed Canopies for Shops & Offices

Glazed canopies by TWS Verandas are ideal for keeping customers and employees sheltered and comfortable. Commercial shelters include walkways between detached buildings or to a car park or smoking shelter.

Glazed Canopies & Awnings – Installation or Supply Only

TWS install Glazed Canopies and Awnings across the UK and we are happy to undertake a complete Canopy or Awning installation you. Alternatively, you may prefer us to supply only if you have a local tradesman to install the Canopy or Awning at you home or business.

For more details see TWSverandas Canopies

Glazed Canopies Shelters & Awnings. Versatile Heating and Lighting for Seated Barbecue Areas. Enjoy Al Fresco Living. Smoking Shelters, Canopies & Sunrooms. Domestic, Commercial, Business, Retail, Shops.

In thi section:

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Glazed Canopies ››

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Swiss Chalet Style Conservatory. Solid Roof & Velux Roof Lites. Multifold, Bi-fold & French Door Options. Building Regs Compliant. Overhanging Roof for Alfresco Living Weather Protection

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