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UPVC Double Glazed Replacement Window Designs

There are several styles of UPVC replacement double glazed window styles, each with its own advantages and functions. At Gugs Conservatories we offer a full range of high quality and great value for money wood and UPVC products and designs.

Casement Style Windows - Popular & Standard

The most frequently utilised window designs are the standard casement type. Simple and uncomplicated to fit and use these windows are many people’s first choice and are economical and very popular.

Hinge Placement of Casement Windows

Hinges can be placed at the top or side of a casement window, with most people opting for the side opening style. Certain circumstances require a top hinged casement window such as:-

  • Over a sink in a bathroom or kitchen where reaching may be awkward.
  • Above a kitchen worktop which could also present problems when trying to access a window handle.
  • Where people may have difficulty reaching and so low level opening is preferable. Perhaps in an elderly or disabled persons home or apartment. Residential homes designed to accommodate elderly or disabled people frequently install top opening casement windows.

Sash Window Design

These windows which are also known as vertical sliding sash windows, open vertically with a sliding up and down motion rather than opening outwards. Old style sash windows used cords and weights to control the movement. In recent times this movement is controlled by a spring system making for a trouble free opening action. Sliding sash windows are installed when a period feel is desired for example in older homes or listed buildings within conservation areas. They are often chosen for use with bow or bay windows.
Modern UPVC sash windows have replaced the old style cord and weights method with a spring mechanism for a smooth flowing motion. No more annoying and frustrating struggles to move a window that is wedged shut.

Weather Seal Advantage of Sash Windows

The design and technology of modern UPVC sash windows cuts out the constant and time consuming need for maintenance that was part of the deal with sliding sash windows. Another advantage of sash windows is the use of a weather seal brush strip which is a superior option than the rubber seal on a casement window. As an authentic touch sash windows can be supplied with sash horns for a traditional look.
The requirement for extra UPVC and greater complexity in manufacture means that sash windows cost about 50% more to produce than a UPVC casement window.

Tilt & Turn Windows Bottom Hinged

Tilt and turn UPVC windows are designed to be opened to an angle of approximately 15 degrees which is sufficient for adequate ventilation.
However they are versatile in the fact that they can be adjusted to enable full inward opening in the event of an emergency or for cleaning purposes.
Tilt and turn windows are a popular choice for dwellings such as flats and commercial buildings such as offices, hotels and other elevated buildings. They are more often incorporated into new build flats etc. Bay or bow windows also benefit from tilt and turn designed windows which usually cost roughly 30% more than casement windows.

UPVC Replacement Window Designs

When choosing replacement double glazing you will be offered excellent wood or UPVC windows, doors and conservatories at Gugs Conservatories. Highly skilled tradesmen will help plan and install your perfect UPVC or wood double glazed window solutions, that won’t break the bank.

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