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Bespoke Swiss Chalet Style Conservatories

Window Options have vast experience of conservatory design and installation and have now designed an alpine chalet style conservatory. There is a market for an extension ‘with the feel of a conservatory’ with ‘a lot of glazing, but with a solid roof’. This strong feedback led to the design of the bespoke alpine chalet conservatory specification.

Swiss Chalet Conservatory with a Solid, Insulated Roof

The prime aspect of this conservatory extension is that it has a solid roof. Slates or tiles are used in place of glass or polycarbonate. The addition of Velux skylites in the conservatory roof introduces light at a higher level, and facilitates high level ventilation.

These chalet roofs are on approximately 300mm thick and are well insulated with innovative foil backed foams. All details are fully compliant with current building legislation.

Protruding Roof for Extra Shelter

This chalet roof style is an adaptation of the Swedish chalet design which sees the roof front protruding beyond the front elevation. This can be taken forward even further to provide a pleasant shelter for your alfresco living.

Swiss Chalet Style Conservatory – So Light and Spacious

The chalet’s high ceiling, open design and large frontage creates volume and in turn gives a pleasant feeling of extra space in the chalet. This is quite deceiving and on first sight people often think that the chalet is considerably bigger than it in fact is.
This is in part due to the view from within the chalet, which is uninterrupted by the cross member that is used to carry the spread of the roof loading in a normal conservatory.

Swiss Chalet Style Conservatory – 3D Image for Comparison

Below we present a 3D visualisation of how the Swiss chalet style conservatory looks in comparison to a standard conservatory. The length and width are identical, but the chalet appears larger.

Bespoke Swiss Chalet Style Conservatories Bespoke Swiss Chalet Style Conservatories


The bi-fold door system used in the 3D imaging enables you to open up the entire side of the conservatory. French doors are also available.


Structural Engineering Input

Window Options had strong input from a structural engineer in developing the Swiss chalet style conservatory chalet range conservatories to ensure that it meets all building regs requirements.

As a conservatory style extension, the chalet will require building regs approval and in some instances, planning permission. Window Options will take care of both for you.





Swiss Chalet Style Conservatory. Solid Roof & Velux Roof Lites. Multifold, Bi-fold & French Door Options. Building Regs Compliant. Overhanging Roof for Alfresco Living Weather Protection

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